Blogmas Day 16: Christmas & Food

Hey guys and welcome to Blogmas day 16

Now I don’t know about you but in my house around Christmas there is a massive focus on food. Not just in terms of the Christmas dinner but the tins of sweets, the boxes of biscuits, the chocolates, the snacks, and for someone struggling with food, this time of year can feel like a really suffocating experience. In this post, I’m going to share some pointers with you that I hope will make Christmas a bit easier for those of you who struggle with food.

Christmas isn’t about food

This is the biggie. You have to remember that food is not what the big day or the run up to it is all about. Christmas is about being with friends and family, being grateful for what we have and who we have in our lives and celebrating the love and compassion that we have for one another. So try not to let it become the focus of your holiday. If you are suffering from disordered eating, know this. It doesn’t have the right to take an incredible Christmas away from you. So now is a good time to start employing some distraction techniques. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if you had heard about distraction techniques somewhere else before. Maybe you’re sick and tired of hearing about them. But how often can you use festive distraction techniques?

If you’re struggling, go finish the last of the Christmas shopping. Get some present wrapping done. Go fill up the car or go for a walk. Keep doings things, even little things, which make you happy and don’t let any problem with food interfere with your day.

Plan ahead

Christmas is a fantastic time to reconnect with people and a really lovely way to do this is over a meal. But if you’re worried about what sort of food you might be presented with try discussing your concerns with the person doing the cooking, if you feel comfortable doing so. Or, if you prefer, you could even offer to cook.

Think about how any meals you have coming up fit into your meal plan, if you have one, and how you can adapt your meal plan, if necessary.

If you have any big parties coming up over the holidays, such as a work do, and you’re concerned or anxious about what foods may be available, why not bring along a sharing platter you made yourself. Make sure it’s something you yourself are comfortable eating as well as something the rest of the partygoers can enjoy. I’m sure the host/hostess would appreciate it immensely.

Don’t be afraid to say no

If you are feeling pressured, anxious or overwhelmed, remember if is okay to say no. This is your Christmas so you should be the one to shape it. Bear in mind though, if you find that pressure is coming from family members or friends, 9 times out of 10 it’s because they care about you and more likely than not their heart will be in the right place. Try to be understanding of that but encourage them to do the same for you.

Ask for help

Your best resource for help will always be your friends and family as they know you best and they care about you. But if you feel like you are unable to talk to them, there are other resources available to you, such as your GP. I’ll include a few extra useful links at the bottom of this page as well.

 I know when it comes to having problems with food Christmas can be a really brutal time. But remember, it won’t last forever. So use those distraction techniques, talk to the people around you and if you feel like you need some additional help, do not hesitate to reach out for it. You are so much more than your eating habits. You deserve and you will have an incredible Christmas.

Until tomorrow then, guys.

With love this Christmas,


Useful links


Eating Disorder helplines:



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