Blogmas Day 18: Avoiding Arguments at Christmas

Hi guys and welcome to Blogmas day 18

Now I don’t know about you guys but in my house there is usually at least one argument in the run up to Christmas and I am not alone in that. In a recent study of2,000 families, it was found that the average British family will have at least five arguments on Christmas day. So in this post I’m going to be sharing some tips that you can use to minimise the chances of any arguments cropping up in the run up to the big day so you can have a close and loving Christmas with your family.

Share the load and help out

If there is one thing I’m guilty of doing on Christmas day, it’s taking on too much. I think quite often we become so concerned about things going wrong we just decide to do everything ourselves and not ask for or accept any help. But let’s face it, that’s just shooting yourself in the foot. One person can only do so much and if you take on too much you will leave yourself tired, cranky and ready to start a row.

If there are other people who can help you out, accept their help. If you’re prepping the turkey for the oven get, someone else to prep the veg. Or if you did all the cooking, get someone else to do the washing up. On the other hand, if you are someone who usually doesn’t handle any of the big things at Christmas like the dinner or keeping an eye on the kids, offer to help out. If you don’t help your partner, your Mum, whomever it may be, you are asking for trouble. So roll up those sleeves and help out with what you can.

Bottom line: Offer help and accept help.

Think of the kids

If you ask me, the odd argument in the run up to Christmas or even on the big day itself is inevitable but, if you have little ones in the house, take a moment to think about how they perceive an argument. If, for example, they see their Mum and Dad verbally battering each other, that’s going to zap the magic out of Christmas really fast and it can actually be quite distressing for the child. Always strive to make Christmas fun and if you do feel yourself getting stressed or angry, don’t be afraid to take five. Sit down and have a cuppa. Get outside for some air. Nobody thinks you’re superhuman so remember to look after yourself, keep yourself in good spirits and this will filter down to everyone in the house. Did you ever notice when you were little that if your Mum was in bad form, everyone in the house would be in bad form? It’s the same thing. So remember to look after yourself over the holidays and the rest will follow.

Prepare Prepare Prepare

Get as much prep as possible done in advance. This will leave you much less stressed and much more free to enjoy the day. I have to say I used to work in a supermarket and we used to have people coming in late at night on Christmas Eve looking for a turkey. Don’t be that person. If it can be done ahead of time, strive to get it done and, again, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to other members of the family. Have everyone pitching in together because if we feel like everyone in our house has made a good contribution to the day, we’ll be much less likely to want to scream at them.

Get plenty of sleep

I talk a lot on my blog about stress and one of the best things you can do to keep your stress levels down over the holidays is get plenty of sleep. I know in the days before Christmas this can be a real struggle, whether it be because you feel like you have too much going on in your head or maybe the kids aren’t sleeping very well because they’re waiting on Santa coming and this, in turn, keeps you up. But it is essential that you get plenty of high quality sleep in the run up to the big day if you want to avoid feeling tired and grumpy. I recently uploaded a post about things you can do to improve your sleep so if you haven’t read that yet, I cannot encourage you enough to do so.

Take a breather

Remember what I said. Nobody thinks you are superhuman so take time out for yourself and take as much time as you need. I don’t want to give you a list of things you can do to de-stress here as what might de-stress me might actually be really stressful to someone else. For instance I love to bake. I find it so therapeutic. But for someone who isn’t confident in the kitchen asking them to get in the there and make something might just be their worst nightmare.

So find out what works you. Whether it be going for a walk or a drive, catching up with friends or just sitting down with a cuppa in front of the fire, if you can make sure you’re in a good place mentally you will have a much more enjoyable Christmas and the risk or arguments kicking off will be reduced significantly.

Remember guys no family is perfect. We all have times when we get on like a house on fire and we all have times when we can’t bear the sight of each other. But if Christmas teaches us anything it’s how lucky we are to have family in our lives. To have people who love and care for us and who we, in turn, love and care for. Now we can’t control the future nor do we have any control over other people. But if we look after ourselves we’ll be in a much better place to handle any arguments should they come up and, if they do, don’t let them take away from your day. It’s your Christmas so you make it the best day you can for you.

With love this Christmas,






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bill Fonda says:

    All of these are good. Also, keep a proper poker face if a gift isn’t just right (most everything has receipts, anyway).


    1. Very true Bill lol. Thanks for checking out the post 🙂


  2. janice says:

    Definitely can be a stressful time.


    1. You said it Janice. But it can be a great time too 🙂


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